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fiberglass window screen

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fiberglass window screen machine

SUBJECT:perforated mesh machine quotation

FROM: Nina      mobile:0086-13833843341   

Line description

1. Fiberglass yarn PVC coated ----------------- PVC coated firberglass wire

2. Wire re-winding machine

3. Fiberglass mesh weaving machine

4. Fiberglass mesh forming machine

5. Quality testing machine

Detail parameter for each machine

1. Fiberglass yarn PVC coated line

This line can produce different color fiberglass wire according to your requirement.

Wire stand, wire coated, drying, second coated, second drying, cooling, finish wire.

Power: 7.5KW (2 SET), 2.2KE (1 SET)

Place need: 3.0*30m

Weight: 7.5T

Heat up: oil

2. wire re-winding machine

3. mesh weaving machine

Plastic twist weaving square mesh machine produce by our factory adopt the German technical weaving molding elements, the capacity of the machine is high, and the quality of the mesh is better. The machine is designed reasonable, it is controlled by computer, and engine and electric are integrative, finish pulling wire, rolling mesh, overhand automatically.

 ( The main parameter):

1.Outside size: Length:3200mm  

                Width: 1800mm        heigth: 2200mm

2. The maximal workplace: 3000mm

    The maximal width of weaving: 3000mm

3.The maximal mesh: 60mesh (there is 60 open areas each inch)

4.The maximal diameter of weaving: 2.0mm

    The minimal diameter of weaving: 0.02mm

5.Power: 3KW/set   0.12 KW/set

6.Output: In theory: 1200m/24 hours

The best for the machine: 800m/24hours

7.Gross weight: 2.8T


4. mesh forming line   

 Max. Width: 3.2m

  Power: 11KW, 2.2KW

  Speed: 60m/min 

  Heat-up: oil (furnace)

  Place requirement: 4.5*28m

  Weight: 18t

Label: Fiberglass Gridding cloth weaving machinecrimped wire mesh machine

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